My ‘Hello World!’ post.

So, I had this idea of creating my own blog for two months. I kept postponing it because I was so uncertain, and afraid (mostly that), about how it was going to work. Of course, nothing will work unless you try, right? Only then you will learn whether that *thing* was for you or not.

Lately, I’ve being trying to push myself, little by little, to actually do the things that inspire me, yet I usually preferred to admire from a distance. To be honest, doing this to myself feels kind of unpleasant. It’s so easy to not have to stress yourself – and the last thing someone wants in their life is more stress. But, deep inside I know that all these things I like or I dream of, will never become mine and part of my life unless I try. Basically, we need to give ourselves a wakeup call every now and then. Less slacking. More happiness.

And in case people are wondering how much courage it takes for a person whose middle name is Fear to start doing something new, well it takes a lot. I woke up today and told myself “you are going to start this blog. No questions.” Yet, I spent the whole day (over)thinking about it and I was one step away from calling it off. But, I pulled it together and here I am (coffee always helps). And that makes me proud.

And here it is. Bliss in a Jar. We all think about bliss, happiness, joy. And can we all find it in so many different things. I am still searching for it, as millions of other people on this planet. My Jar might be empty at the moment, but when you have ideas and visions for you as a person and for your whole life, all it takes is a *spark* and everything will light up. I don’t want for this blog to be a long personal bucket list. What I want is to share my tips, thoughts, experiences, and the things I’ve learnt from them until now, in hopes this might help others. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a lot to manage and learn. But, I think that it’s easier when you are not alone. So, hop on!